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Earth Calendar  Lists holidays and cultural events around the world by date, country, or religion; also includes a search function.

Daily Globe: World Dates Archive  A listing of world events and holidays by date.

Historic Events and Birth-Dates  Lists births; deaths; holidays; religious events and observances; and major events on this day in history. Related pages allow searching by month and day, or by month and year, to locate equivalent information for other dates.

HyperHistory Online  Timelines for major civilizations; lifelines of important persons from their date of birth to their date of death; and year-by-year listings of important events in science, culture, and politics. Includes maps and links to short encyclopedia-like entries on people, places, movements, and events in history.

Calendars through the Ages   A Variety of Calendars -  "many different calendars have been developed over the millennia to help people organize their lives." A collection of calendars, from ancient to modern.

Jewish Calendar  Includes various tools (Hebrew date converter, etc.)

Islamic Calendar (International)   "The Islamic calendar (or Hijri calendar) is a purely lunar calendar. It contains 12 months that are based on the motion of the moon ... the calendar is based on the Qur'an ..."

Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar   Explains how the date of the Chinese new year is computed.

Sunrise Sunset Calendar - Monthly listings of sunrise, sunset and moon phases. Great for planning ahead your evening activities.

365 Calendar - Handy three year calendar listing holidays, moon phases, and even calculates periods between two dates.



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Official U.S. Time  This public service is cooperatively provided by the two time agencies of United States: a Department of Commerce agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and its military counterpart, the U. S. Naval Observatory (USNO). Time zone maps with current times, maps of current night and day zones, and additional time related tools.

World Time   A service featuring an interactive world atlas and information on local time as well as sunrise and sunset times in several hundred cities worldwide.
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