2014 Library Board of Directors

Left to Right
   Therese Schweyer (Alburtis Representative) -- Secretary ,
Jennifer Tyma -- President, Erica Wade Elcock

Standing     Robert Wendt -- Treasurer, Jerel Gade -- Vice President,
William Cho, Michael Huff

 *The Board of Directors meetings take place at 5pm on the last Thursday of each month in the library and are open to the public.

**Please note: The September BOD meeting will take place Thursday, September 25th @ 5pm at Alburtis Borough Hall.



Staff Directory
Left to Right

Carly, Susan, Jen, Maryann, Vanessa,
Erin-Youth Services Director



Melissa, Gina, Natalie - Assistant Director,
Kathee Rhode - Library Director,
Sarah - Circulation Manager, Susan, Chao







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