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Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative

Lower Macungie Library has joined forces with other local libraries to make borrowing even easier through the Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative (LCLC).

The book or DVD you want isn’t on our shelf? Odds are one of the other libraries has it, and you can either pick it up there or have it delivered here within 1-2 days! You will be able to borrow materials from any of the libraries in the new Cooperative.

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What’s New

The Circus Train by Amita Parikh
Twelve Months and A Day by Louisa Young
Exes and O's by Amy Lea
Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn
The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest
Hiss & Tell by Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown
Community Board by Tara Conklin
The Mostly True Story of Tanner & Louise by Colleen Oakley
Smolder by Laurell K. Hamilton
The White Lady by Jacqueline Winspear

Dinner With the President by Alex Prud'Homme
Novelist As A Vocation by Haruki Murakami
Start, Stay, Or Leave by Trey Gowdy
Number One Is Walking by Steve Martin
The Forever Witness by Edward Humes
Two Old Broads by M. E. Hecht, MD and Whoopi Goldberg
McAt 528 Advanced Prep 2023-2024
Professor Pincushion's Beginner Guide to Sewing by Tova Opatrny
The Last Campaign by H. W. Brands
Young Forever by Mark Hyman, MD

The Boy Who Followed His Father Into Auschwitz by Jeremy Dronfield
The Lost Year by Katherine Marsh
A Song for the Unsung by by Carole Boston Weatherford & Rob Sanders
Love Is Loud by Written by Sandra Neil Wallace
The Gentle Genius of Trees by Philip Bunting
Curve & Flow by Written by Andrea J. Loney
Who Was Jacqueline Kennedy? by Bonnie Bader
Who Is Megan Rapinoe? by by Stefanie Loh
Yoshi, Sea Turtle Genius by by Lynne Cox
Just Jerry by Jerry Pinkney